Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Should everyone purchase the Rich Jerk?

I just read the new version of The Rich Jerk, a best selling ebook at ClickBank, and must admit that I am still quite impressed.

For those of you who have not heard of The Rich Jerk eBook, it has become a phenomenon. The site has received over 50,000 emails, and is the 3,000th most popular site on the internet... out of millions of sites, receiving over 2 million unique visitors in the last 5 months.

I have to admit that I was offended by the website to Purchase Rich Jerk the first time I read it. After all it's not to often that the first thing you read on a Website is:

"I'm Better Than You". I just bought a 2 cars and another mansion... did you?"

So let me warn you before you go to the website that "The Rich Jerk" likes to use language that some may be considered offensive and some people may take this kind of language personally.

So be prepared to read his "Arrogant" sales letter as he insults you, but do what I did and look passed it and learn from what he has to share with you.

Because after he brags about what a jerk he was on his sales page, I realized there was a really smart marketing tactic here.

The Rich Jerk (actually a 26 year old mastermind by the name of Kelly Felix) has done some major updating to his original e-book.

I found the older version be quite useful with some of its money making strategies when I first purchased this e-book back in late 2005.

However, after seeing the new version, it has become even better!

His 64 page newly revised ebook shows many of the strategies he uses to make big money online, and although it was not initially written for beginners there is now a new chapter dedicated to those who are just starting out, making this ebook an absolute must read for everyone from beginner to expert alike.

In chapter 3, the The Rich Jerk explains several linking strategies strategies that are simple but priceless. Good stuff!

Chapter 7 on "Other online Ventures" was an eye opener because I always thought that some of the programs that were recommended were scams just to get get your money. I found out that some of these are just the opposite.

The new eBook even has an additional chapter where The Rich Jerk shows you a few of his personal investment strategies that he used to make up to 20% per month in compounded interest on my money.

Although there is a lot of information in The Rich Jerk that I knew before reading it, there are several nuggets of information that are easily worth the purchase price.

Some of the strategies are so simple and effective, but are cutting edge at the same time. For example, The Rich Jerk provides simple but BOLD strategies for giving affiliate rebates.

The Rich Jerk is good for Newbies and seasoned PROs alike. This eBook is a "must" for Newbies because you will immediately know what you need to do to make money over the net.No guess work here. However, don't expect any step by step details of info here.

The Rich Jerk does not go into great details and hold you by the hand. There are plenty of free resources all over the net on how to do things like set up web sites etc... The main thing point here for newbies in that it does recommend strategies and products to get you started.

The Rich Jerk give you the proven strategies here that should be the ones pursued by anyone new to the net.

The Rich Jerk is an excellent resource for seasoned internet professionals because you are reminded of what actually works. Those strategies are reinforced here. On top of that, The Rich Jerk introduces cutting edge strategies on Google Adsense, Search Engine Optimization, Cloaking and New Ventures on how to profit online.

This is a product not to "sit on the shelf". You have to implement all the techniques. They are not difficult but require some work.

The Rick Jerk gives you the EXACT SAME strategies he used to become an online multi-millionaire.

If you do implement the strategies, then you will benefit from The Rich Jerk.

Russell Carter is editor of the Affiliate Cash Secrets Blog

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Monday, September 18, 2006

rich entrepreneurs

Now we will look at how to become a successful affiliate marketer who has their own website and wants to build their down line and earn income from their affiliate sales.

Two of the affiliate programs I recommend also have the facility for you to advertise the business and build your down line, when you’re down line make a sale you also get a percentage of commission. To find out more information you would need to have a look at the programs. Lets say for arguments sake you have a website and you promote different sorts of affiliate programs and products. In order for you to be successful you would need to do a few things.

The most important thing is that you need to write articles about your programs and what they have to offer and why someone should want to join them. The fact that they are rated number 1 and 2 for 2006 as the best affiliate programs is a selling point. The fact that they pay great commissions and they have been in business for a long time is also important. This article must then link back to your website. Your aim is to get people to your website so that they can then see what you have to offer. The more links you have the more likely you are to get to page one in the search engines for your chosen keyword. If you do manage to get to page one for your chosen keyword then the likelihood of you making money is increased dramatically.

You can get an article submitter to submit your articles to over 900 article directories but this will cost you. If you don’t have the money but you have the time then submit them by hand to at least 5-10 article directories. I recommend doing a search on Google for the best article directories.

You also need to advertise your website on classified ad sites to generate targeted traffic. You can do adword campaigns if you so desire, but they are not necessary. If you have an opt-in list then you will want to offer them the opportunity to make money online and become and affiliate for free. You would also want to from time to time send your opt-in list the sales emails to try and make a quick sale.